The Big Blue Bully

TheBigBlueBully The Big Blue Bully – a book by Olivia Morris
An engaging story about what happens when the tables are turned and the bully finds out what it is like to be bullied.

Take action and teach children young about why bullying is bad and the power of friendship.
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The Big Blue Bully is a book about a boy, named Todd, who is bullied by Roy. Todd takes daily abuse from Roy and his friends. One day everything changes with a birthday wish. On Todd’s birthday during the classroom birthday celebration, he was being heckled by Roy, running out of time to blow out the candles he makes a silly wish that Roy would be blue. Unexpectedly, Roy starts choking on one of the cupcakes and his skin turns blue, not from lack of air, but as blue as the icing on the cupcakes. That is when the tables turn. Once Roy is blue, he no longer has the confidence to be a bully and another boy Jimmy becomes the new bully. He bullies Todd and even Roy, which makes Roy realize how mean he has been to Todd. Then one thing happened that no one would ever have thought; Roy and Todd become good friends. It doesn’t bother Todd that Roy is blue, and Roy feels that he can be himself around Todd. They come up with a plan to help Roy’s skin go back to normal. Find out if it worked.